Luke Shea - Art and Animation

I'm home again and mostly settled after our trip to Chicago for the fantastically wonderful wedding of my brother and the love of his life, Claire.  It was utterly delightful in every imaginable way.  I can't envision a better way to spend a weekend.

It was a whirlwind tour, mostly packed with wedding stuff.  We did manage to steal away for an afternoon at the Field Museum, where we saw Sue, the world's largest and most complete tyrannosaurus skeleton.  I got some great material for a future video while we were there, so Sue and some of her dinosaur compatriots will probably be making an appearance here soon.

There were a zillion kids in attendance at the wedding, plus a general atmosphere of childlike glee surrounding the festivities, so Claire asked me to make some little Coloring Books for the reception. Here they are:

Full credit for the coloring book idea goes to Beth Morell of Something Else Studios. She inspired Claire with her lovely coloring book for our friends Phil and Joy.  I didn't realize I was encroaching on her concept  when I started working on this, but I chatted with her after I found out about her coloring book, and she was extremely kind and happy to share the idea.   What a nice lady!
My brother asked me to put together a sort of "video resume" showcasing his workplace skills and abilities for potential employers.

Music used with the generous twitter permission of They Might Be Giants.

My brothers, cousins, and I made this for my dad as a Christmas gift.