Luke Shea - Art and Animation

Here's what I have so far: 

The ears are really freaking me out.  Actually, his whole head is freaking me out.  I need a few better solutions, there.  And, overall, he's a little too muscular.  But I figure I'll go back in and lay some fat over the muscles once I figure out how all the muscles work.

By the way, my new goal I just invented is that at the end of every work session, I will post a update here.  That way, I'll be super motivated to do good work and not get distracted during my art time.  If I don't make anything good, then THE WHOLE INTERNET WILL SEE WHATEVER I NEGLECTED TO FINISH!


Commentary/critiques are always welcome.

Greetings!  This post marks the official grand opening of my Art Blog / Sketch Blog / Sktchlog!  Soon it will be filled with wonders!  And, if this post is any indication, far to many exclamation points!

Today's first wonder:  A zsketch WIP of my most recent digital sculpting undertaking:  CHESTFACE!  Click to embiggen.

There's a concept painting.  And here's a concept sculpt:

The key development here is the addition of Rodney Dangerfield's lips.  And finally, my zsketch:
I decided to go with five fingers and toes in the final version, here, because I think it will make it just that much more upsetting.