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Today's podcaster portrait:  John Hodgman, of the podcast Judge John Hodgman, amongst a host of other hilarious wonders.  I once laughed so hard at THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE (his first of three volumes of Complete World Knowledge) that I had to get off the bus and throw up behind a bush.  If that won't sell you, I don't know what will.  You can find him and all of his goods and services here.

Hodgman has appeared in various guises and incarnations over the years.  This portrait was an attempt to capture the essence of all of them.  A Hodgman of no era.  A timeless Hodgman.  An Ur-Hodgman.

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Today's portrait:  Comedian, Podcaster, and soon-to-be-TV-host, Pete Holmes! I first discovered Pete through his lovely, moving, and hilarious podcast You Made It Weird.  It has gotten me through many, many hours of work and genuinely helped me during hard times in my life.  Pete, if you see this, thanks for everything, and congrats on hitting the big time!
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My Kumail Nanjiani portrait went over so well that I've decided to start posting these comedian portrait exercises more regularly.  I'm getting to know Painter a little better and using these as an excuse to play with different tools and styles.  Some are turning out better than others. I'll put the keepers here.  Today:  Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts of Comedy Bang Bang!

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I've been doing a lot of free-lancey, unbloggable, non-character stuff lately, and decided I needed to take a break and depict a face for a minute.  So here's Ratfist, from the comic of the same name by Doug TenNapel.
He came out a little old, but that's okay.  Maybe this is from Ratfist: Beyond.  Quick, Ratfist!  Find a protege with rocket boots!

You can find Ratfist 100% free at

You can find TenNapel's other glorious works at

The man can draw a lanky character and spatter black ink like nobody's business.   Plus, he's written back to me every last time I've sent him drooly fan emails.  Nice fella!  I highly recommend giving him some money in exchange for a comic book containing a Kung-Fu Sasquatch, FBI Mantis, or a Space Eel.